Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Sam Bradford Superfractor RC /1

With just one more win, Sam Bradford could lead the St. Louis Rams from worst to a playoff berth. The most watched trading card on eBay is this 2010 Topps Chrome Autographed Superfractor, serial numbered 1/1.
It appears as though the seller 'accidentally' listed the card for sale several days ago for a buy it now price of $725.00. Unfortunately for him someone bought the card and the seller revoked the deal and negative feedback ensued. It might hurt the final sale price, but probably not much.

Bradford has had an excellent season for a rookie QB and hopefully he can stay healthy and improve in the years to come. High-end rookies of popular NFL Quarterbacks are always some of the highest priced football cards on eBay. You never know what can happen in the playoffs and if Bradford can get the Rams in then it might set up an opportunity for a pop in the value of his cards. The timing of the sale of this Superfractor is near perfect and the price should dictate that.

2010 Topps Chrome Sam Bradford Auto - 1/1 Superfractor
Watchers: 1,000+ (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $10,100.00
Final Price: 14,300.00
Auction Ends: Jan. 2, 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Bowman Draft Buster Posey Superfractor /1

Buster Posey is my guy. Anyone who helped wipe the memories of the 2002 World Series from my mind - I've got love for. Posey is right up there with my favorite current Giants players and when I saw him at the 2010 World Series Parade I screamed like I was at a Pearl Jam concert. If I pulled this 2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Superfractor I might do the same thing - the card is currently one of the most watched cards on eBay.
Posey had a remarkable season, winning the NL Rookie of the Year and also winning the World Series might be tough to top in his sophomore season. This is probably a good time to sell Posey rookie cards, because there will probably be an opportunity to pick them up later on at a lesser price. But if you're like me, if I had $1,000.00 sitting around that wasn't tied up in the stock market I'd probably get this card and not think twice. Go Buster. Go Giants. Don't think for one second they can't do it again in 2011.......

Watchers: 108
Current Price: $620.00
Final Price: $1,590.99
Auction Ends: December 24, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010-11 Panini Limited John Wall Rookie Patch /1

The seller of this 2010/11 Panini Limited John Wall Rookie Parallel 1/1 card says it's the "holy grail of all Wall cards" and it's hard to argue with that statement. Panini is the exclusive makers of NBA licensed trading cards, and while other Wall cards have fetched large sums at auction - this one takes top billing.
There are so many good young point guards around the league that I'm worried Wall may never be able to stand out amongst the large group. Young PG's like Rajon Rondo, CP3, Derrick Rose, and Deron Williams have already achieved hobby fame and only time will tell if Wall can join that group. This 10/11 Limited Phenoms 4-Color Patch of Wall is the 1/1 parallel of his rookie card from that set. It's currently the most watched trading card on eBay and fans of basketball cards have got to be thrilled that the bidding has already reached $2,000.00.

Watchers: 282 (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $2,000.00
Final Price: $2,468.10
Auction Ends: December 21

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Bowman Chrome Draft Manny Machado Red Auto

Fans of the Baltimore Orioles have high hopes for Manny Machado, the teams #3 overall pick in the 2010 MLB Draft.  Several high end cards from the 2010 Bowman set that featured Machado in a Team USA uniform have sold at auction. Collectors get their first crack at a card with the Orioles logo thanks to the 2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospect set that was recently released. This Red Refractor autograph, serial numbered #3/5, is currently the most watched Baseball Card on eBay.

Some scouts have compared Machado to Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez. Manny was drafted out of High School, so even if he tears up the minor leagues it will be several years before he puts on a MLB Orioles uniform. We've tracked the price of two other high end Machado cards that hit auction earlier this year. The current Bowman DPP at auction features an autograph and the serial number is also the pick number that the Orioles selected him in the 2010 Draft.

2010 Bowman Chrome USA Red Refractor RC 1/5
Sold For: $560.00
August 4, 2010

2010 Bowman Chrome USA Superfractor 1/1
Sold For: $1,225.00
June, 2010

2010 Bowman Chrome Draft Manny Machado Red Ref Auto 3/5
Watchers: 128 (Most Watched Baseball Card)
Current Price: $902.00
Final Price: $1,538.00
Auction Ends: December 19

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2001 Michael Vick BGS 10 Sp Authentic RC Patch Auto

The only Beckett Grading Services (BGS) Pristine 10 Michael Vick 2001 UD Sp Authentic Auto Patch Rookie is currently for sale on eBay. BGS has graded a total of 27 Vick '01 Sp Authentic cards and this is the only one to receive the near impossible grade of Pristine 10. Three other Vick SPA's have been graded 9.5.

Vick is playing fantastic this season and has resurrected his career in Philadelphia. He will most certainly finish in the top 5 of the NFL MVP voting and could lead the Eagles deep into the playoffs. This is what fans and collectors dreamed about when Vick came into the league in 2001 - he has finally been able to put his life and QB skills together and is living up to the hype. His cards plummeted in value when he went to jail but now they have risen to new highs, even surpassing sales back when he was the main draw in the hobby back in 2001.

2001 Sp Authentic Mike Vick - Grades Given By BGS

Watchers: 291+ (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $4,050.00
Final Price: $4,550.00
Auction Ends: December 14

Monday, December 6, 2010

97/98 Kobe Bryant Precious Metal Red Fleer Skybox

There was a bit of controversy surrounding a 97/98 Fleer Skybox Kobe Bryant Precious Metal Green that was the most watched card last week on eBay. The picture of the card had a blacked out serial number and was also the same picture of a card being featured in another auction.  It ended up selling for over $5,000.00. This 97/98 Kobe Bryant Precious Metal Gems cards, with the red front, I would bet a lot of money is legit because the seller has over 21,000 positive transactions on eBay.
These were some of the first Basketball cards to feature serial numbering and to top it off, the set was mass produced making finding one of these cards out of a pack extremely difficult. The Kobe Bryant cards, along with the Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan RC's are the most popular cards to come out of the 1997/98 Fleer Metal set.  Here are some past sales of Precious Metal 'Gem' Cards:
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Hakeem Olajuwon 'Green' - $694.00
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Dennis Rodman 'Red' - $610.91
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Steve Nash 'Red' - $432.00
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Karl Malone 'Red' - $255.32
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Reggie Miller 'Red' - $249.50
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Clyde Drexler 'Red' - $247.50
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Toni Kukoc 'Red' - $247.50
Watchers: 162 (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $1,225.00
Final Price: $1,580.00
Auction Ends: December 8

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 Bowman Chrome Shelby Miller Red Autograph /5

This great looking card of Cardinals pitching prospect Shelby Miller has been climbing the most watched charts the last few days. The desirable 2010 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor Autographs are serial numbered #/5 which will make the bidding hot and heavy toward the close of auction.

I'm a SF Giants fan, and although I've heard of Miller I had to go check out the stats to get a better idea what he brings to the table. When I look at young pitchers stats (Miller was born in 1990) I look at Strikeouts/Walks to Innings Pitched. The story checks out great for Miller who in his first full season in the minors had 140 SO in 104.1 IP with just 33 walks. What that tells me is he misses bats at a very high rate, even for the low levels of the minor leagues. Miller was a 1st round pick, #19, in 2009 by the Cardinals so he did nothing but help his stock going forward although it might be a couple years before he reaches the MLB even if he continues to light it up.

Here are some other past sales of 2010 Bowman/Chrome Red Refractors:
2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg 1/1 Auto - $17,000.00
2010 Bowman Bryce Harper /5 No Auto -
2010 Bowman Chrome BRETT JACKSON AUTO 3/5 -
2010 Manny Machado Bowman Chrome No Auto 1/5 -

2010 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor Auto Shelby Miller 3/5
Watchers: 64
Current Price: $660.00
Final Price: $680.00
Auction Ends: December 3

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1997/98 Skybox Kobe Bryant Precious Metal Gems Green

Kobe Bryant is the best player in the game today, sorry South Beach. His skills are superior to anyone - ever seen LeBron post up?  Check that - ever seen LeBron win a Championship?  It should come as no surprise that the most watched trading card on eBay is this mid-90's junk wax gem, Precious Metal Gem, to be exact.
The 1997/98 Skybox Precious Metal Gem cards came with either a "Green Front" or a "Red Front".  The total print run for the parallel base cards were to #/100 and they are serial numbered on the back. The print run from 1-10 have the green fronts and the print run from 11-100 have the red fronts. These cards are always some of the most watched cards on eBay and just a few weeks ago a Red Michael Jordan Metal Gem was also the most watched Basketball card. Go Kobe!

Update: Is it legit? Blanked out Serial Number... Same picture as one listed for $30,000.00 or best offer.  I'd stay away from both cards until issue is cleared up.

Kobe Bryant 1997 Skybox Precious Metal Gem (green)
Watchers: 273 (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $4,250.00
Final Price: $5,100.00
Auction Ends: December 5th

2009/10 Panini Adrenalyn Kobe Bryant Autograph /1

One lucky collector attended the Toronto Fall Expo in mid-November and walked away with this 2009/10 Panini Adrenalyn All-Star Kobe Bryant On-Card Autograph, serial numbered 1/1.  Cards were given away in packs at the Panini America Booth at the show. Here is a complete checklist of all the autographs given away to collectors who attended the event.

Adrenalyn is a card game where collectors can buy packs for $0.99 and enter codes found on the back of the cards to play an online game against other players.  No autographs were available in the original Adrenalyn XL set that was released back in February. Panini tracked down their man Kobe and got him to autograph two 09/10 Adrenalyn XL cards and those were given away at the Toronto Expo. Those cards are stamped with 'EXPO 10' on the front of the card. The seller incorrectly lists the card as a "10/11" Adrenalyn Kobe Bryant card, but the new series of Adrenalyn XL doesn't release until early January 2011.  The 2009/10 Adrenalyn All-Star cards, like the Kobe shown below, were given away as promotional cards and not available in packs.

10/11 Panini Adrenalyn Kobe Bryant Auto Autograph 1/1
Watchers: 55
Current Price: $132.50
Final Price: $370.55
Auction Ends: December 2

Saturday, November 27, 2010

2005-06 UD The Cup Alexander Ovechkin Black Rainbow RC /1

One of the most popular sports card auctions to hit eBay in quite awhile is this stunning 2005/06 Upper Deck The Cup Alexander Ovechkin Black Rainbow 1/1 Parallel Rookie Card. By the time the card ends tonight, the price tag might reach $10,000.00.

Ovechkin is widely considered one of the top players in the NHL and his star power is right up there with Sidney Crosby and up-and-comer Steven Stamkos.  This card is being sold on consignment by Beckett Media - the company will sell your card on eBay if the value is over $250.00.  I'd have to go back and check out past results, but I believe this is the most watched Hockey card of 2010, and with just over a month left in the year, this might end up being the top Hockey card to hit the market during the calendar year.

Watchers: 720+ (Most Watched Hockey Card In 2010)
Current Price: $8,988.88
Final Price: $9,189.00
Auction Ends: November 27

Monday, November 22, 2010

Buy Low? Vince Young Rookie RC Cards

A new NFL player gets put into the coaches doghouse each week and Vince Young is the man this time. Apparently after Sundays game, Young threw his jersey into the crowd and also had words with Titans head coach Jeff Fisher.  Vince was upset he was pulled from the game after he hurt his thumb - turns out the injury is significant and Young will be out the rest of the 2010 NFL season.

His career in Tennessee might be over but Vince Young is not JaMarcus Russell, he will get another shot in the NFL. It got me thinking today about if it is a good idea to buy any Vince Young cards, with the idea that he would get his career turned around. Think about just a few years ago when Michael Vick went to jail, I remember looking at the prices of his cards and was stunned at how they had fallen from the levels of 2001-2003 when Vick was the hottest name in the hobby and the NFL. Now that Vick is back and thriving, the value of his cards have gone up a lot. Can Vince Young have the same resurrection?

Vince Young and Michael Vick are two different QB's. For one, Vick's arm strength is A LOT better, I would put their passing accuracy at the same level, although Vick has really improved that area of his game in 2010. Vick is also much quicker and can escape the pocket better then Young. The thing that made Young so good in college at Texas was his ability to run - but he was a "man among boys" even playing elite NCAA football. That gap in athleticism shrinks in the NFL and only QB's with elite pocket awareness (or the speed of Vick) can run successfully over the course of a career.  Eventually, you have to become an elite passer to be a great QB and Michael Vick has accomplished that in 2010 - while it remains to be seen if Young can ever reach that level. 

After thinking about it, I would have to say I would NOT buy Vince Young cards, although I do think he will get another opportunity to start somewhere in the NFL. For one, he is not like Michael Vick in that Vick has a CANNON arm - Vince Young's arm is average at best. Young also doesn't have elite speed and his average speed will deteriorate over time. Because of those factors I don't think he will ever have a 'Hall-of-Fame' type career and could be out of the league before too long. The one thing I will note is that Vince was known in college as a great leader. Perhaps if he matures a little bit, the strength of his game, which I believe to be those college leadership qualities, can shine if he is put in the right situation.

2006 Topps Chrome Vince Young Auto RC
Can be found for: $30-40 - November 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Steven Stamkos Rookie & Autograph Cards On Fire

Steven Stamkos has the hottest Hockey cards on eBay and for good reason, it seems like he is able to score a goal just about every night. This guy is a nightmare on the ice and in 09/10 he was tied for the league lead in goals.  Even more amazing is the fact that Stamkos doesn't turn 21 until February 2011. Wow.

Stamkos has always been on collector's radar screens because he was the #1 overall pick in the OHL Draft in 2006, and subsequently picked #1 overall in the 2008 NHL Early Entry Draft. Everywhere he's played he has put up huge point totals and already has 28 pts through 17 games this season. Check out this spectacular 2010/11 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Emblem - the emblem comes from an OHL Sarnia Sting Jersey. Stamkos played 2 seasons for the Sting from 2006-2008.

10/11 Steven Stamkos Ultimate Emblem
Watchers: 71
Current Price: $152.50
Final Price: ????????
Auction Ends: Nov. 20
Not sure what happened to this card.

10/11 ITG UM10 Checklist

It's not just that cool UM10 Emblem that is getting a lot of love, the most watched Stamkos rookie card right now is this BGS graded 9.5 - 2008/09 UD Sp Authentic Autograph RC /999.

Steven Stamkos 2008/09 UD Sp Authentic Auto /99
Watchers: 57
Current Price: $305.00
Final Price: $336.00
Auction Ends: Nov. 17

Monday, November 15, 2010

Buy or Sell? Brandon Roy Rookie Cards

I first became familiar with Brandon Roy when he led his #1 seeded Washington Huskies over my alma mater, number eight seed Pacific, in the 2nd round of the 2005 NCAA Tournament . Roy has the type of court skills you dream about having, and at 6'-6" he has the size to elevate and get his shot when he needs to. The problem is that Roy hasn't been able to stay healthy during his 4+ seasons in the NBA. The story is no different this season as I've read some rumors that his knee is really messed up, although he has played in all of the Blazers games thus far.

The value of Roy's rookie cards have fallen off since the 08/09 season where he played in a career high 78 games and averaged 22.6 points per game, with 5 assist and 4+ rebounds. Those are the types of numbers players like Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant are capable of putting up. Roy has the ability to be a top 10 NBA player but the health might derail his career and destroy the value of his cards. The two players who have a similar game to Roy that I can think of who got killed by injuries were Grant Hill and Alan Houston. Hill was one of the leagues best players while Houston was more of a shooter but still put up huge scoring numbers. You had to have a Grant Hill Rookie waaaaay back in the day and I could only imagine if autograph and game used cards were popular in that era how much Hill's cards would have fetched on eBay when he was the hottest name in the game.

So what do you do if Roy is your guy and you have a bunch of cards, or have been waiting on a particular card to buy/sell? If Roy is able to bounce back from injury then he could be a buy low candidate. Here are the other two top players from the 2006 NBA Draft, along with Roy, and how much their 2006/07 Upper Deck Exquisite Patch Autograph Rookie, serial numbered #/100, have sold for during the first month of the NBA season. We'll see what Roy sells for now that he is struggling, previously sales had been in the $120-175 range. Anything less than $100.00 I would consider a good buy because you can see the potential if he ever gets hot again - Rajon Rondo's Exquisite RC's have sold as high as $500+ recently.

2006/07 Upper Deck Exquisite Patch Autograph Rookie
#8 Pick: Rudy Gay $122 - $180
#21 Pick: Rajon Rondo $250 - $530

Watchers: 14
Current Price: $16.50
Final Price: $129.50
Auction Ends: November 22

Friday, November 12, 2010

Buy Low? Jason Thompson Rookie Cards

I remember watching Kings PF Jason Thompson back in the 2008 NBA Summer League and was impressed with his effort and skills. He had a good couple years statistically his first two seasons in the league but has gotten himself into the doghouse in Sacramento this year, and rumors of him being shopped around are circulating.  When guys get put into the doghouse, this is the time to buy cards, at extreme discounts, and Thompson is no exception as the value of his 08/09 Rookie Cards have plummeted.

Shipped to your door for $4.24 would get you this 2008/09 SPx Autograph Jersey Rookie of Thompson off eBay. That's bargain basement. For less than $20 you could put together a 3 or 4 card collection that could pay off if he ever gets around to getting solid playing time again.

These are the types of players you need to look at if you are into prospecting Basketball cards for profit. Here is a guy who has skills, has put up numbers his first two years, and now has fallen out of favor in Sacramento. Not sure what the deal is, perhaps it's a work ethic thing, we'll see how it all plays out and if Thompson gets shipped out of town. He will get another opportunity along the line, and that will be the time to sell.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

2008/09 Topps Chrome Derrick Rose Superfractor RC 1/1

The NBA right now is loaded with young, skilled point guards scattered across the league. Off the top of my head I can think of Deron, CP3, Rondo, Wall, Westbrook, Curry, Jennings and it feels like I am missing a few. Included in that group is Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose who gets as much hobby love as any of those players I mentioned. When this 1997/98 Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan insert card ends tonight, a 2008/09 Topps Chrome Superfractor Derrick Rose Rookie Card will be the most watched Basketball card on eBay.

I wouldn't consider myself a full-fledged member of the Derrick Rose fan club. I like the guy. Comes across well in interviews, he takes the ball to the rim which is the part of his game I like the most. Rose's shooting has always been a little bit of a question mark and because of that I am always a little bit surprised at how high some of his 08/09 Rookie Cards sell for. This Superfractor card from Topps Chrome is a perfect example. No autograph, no game used, just the luster and lore of the Superfractor name and this card is already at four figures. Even the seller of the card is a bit surprised: "Wow! I have had a lot of interest in this card.  I pulled this card from a hobby box myself about two years ago. It went straight into a screw down holder right out of the pack." I say sell Rose now. Are the Bulls beating the Celtics in the playoffs? Let alone the Heat and/or the Magic.

2008/09 Topps Chrome DERRICK ROSE Superfractor RC 1/1
Watchers: 133 (Most Watched Basketball Card)
Current Price: $1,000.00
Final Price: $1,580.55
Auction Ends: November 11

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey Circa 2009

Two of the brightest young stars the San Francisco Giants organization has seen in many years has the storied franchise on the brink of it's first World Series Championship since 1954.  Madison Bumgarner, the 10th overall pick in the 2007 MLB Draft pitched eight innings of shut-out ball and Buster Posey, the 5th pick in 2008, added a solo homerun in a 4-0 Giants win in Game 4.

It's hard not to get caught up in the spectacular performance by Bumgarner and Posey, because there is still business to be done. The Giants still need one more win. I remember the earthquake in 1989. By 1993 I was checking the newspaper everyday to see if the team could land star outfielder Barry Bonds. The loss in 2002 to the Angles was devastating. The years since have been........... torture.......

In 2009 I wanted to see first hand the young talent the Giants had acquired through the draft, specifically Bumgarner and Posey. Luckily the Single-A affiliate for the team, the San Jose Giants, play in my backyard several times a year in Northern California. I took a couple pictures of Bumgarner, the starter and winning pitcher that night, and Buster Posey, who laced a double and played great defense all night.  I would have laughed if someone had told me less then a year and a half later, both would be playing in the MLB, in the World Series, and come up HUGE for the Giants. Just one more to go...........


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2009 UD Mystery Cuts Tom Cheney BBQ Autograph

This auction is truly bizarre. I mean it really, really is. Sound like a collector was upset with Upper Deck for taking 18 months to ship him - what was - a 2009 Upper Deck Mystery Cuts Autograph of former baseball player Tom Cheney.  The seller of the card was so upset at the wait that he, yes, barbecued it with his own special sauce and now has the card up for auction. Even more shocking, it's currently the most watched baseball card on eBay and has several days left to go.

I'm at a lost for words on this one, so here is the description straight from the seller: "After 18 months of waiting for this redemption card, the anticipation is finally ameliorated! Up for auction is one slightly tasty and cooked to "Rare" Tom Cheney ownage card directly from Upper Deck, the company that cares so little for its customers. With all the payouts to players associations and dubious reproductions on childrens cards, one would wonder, is that you Bernie Madoff running this racket?"

The seller goes onto describe the BBQ process: "This is a redneck riviera BBQ sauce from my old mans recipe. It's made slow (like UD shipping), is hot (like stolen childrens card copyrights), and will probably make you sick (like McWilliam) if you have too much. I'd like to state for the record there will be no pickle accompanying this card."

To add a personal touch, the seller will even autograph the brush he used to marinate the card with. I couldn't make this up if I tried: "I may have to include the marinade brush to verify the brush strokes on the rarefied card. I will autograph the brush at winners request. Henceforth, it shall be known as "The Brush of Ownage".

2009 UD Mystery Cuts TOM CHENEY 74/74 Barbecued BBQ
Watchers: 98 (Most Watched Baseball Card)
Current Price: $13.50
Final Price: $15.50
Auction Ends: November 1

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Jason Heyward Superfractor 1/1

Some of the luster wore off 2010 Baseball products when Stephen Strasburg went down with an injury in late August and thus wax prices for the newly released Topps Chrome have dipped to less than $50.00 per hobby box. The price meltdown was great for collectors but bad for anyone who pre-ordered huge orders of the set well before Strasburg got hurt. Nonetheless, collectors are still enjoying opening boxes and one of the biggest pulls has surfaced on eBay, a 2010 Topps Chrome Jason Heyward Superfractor Autograph Rookie, serial numbered 1/1.

Heyward got the 2010 MLB season started with a bang when he hit a HR in his first at-bat on opening day. Strasburg and S.F. Giants rookie Buster Posey were still in the minors and it looked like Heyward was the top choice for N.L. Rookie of the Year after the first month of the season. Sales of Heyward rookie cards were strong and we chronicled many of them on this site including several cards from 2007 and 2008 that sold for over $1,000.00 at auction in early April. Heyward collectors were treated to a surprise in June when all three of his Bowman Chrome Superfractor cards were for sale on eBay at the same time. The 2010 Auto sold for $6,156.00, the 2008 Auto got taken off eBay when bidding approached $5K and the Un-Autographed 2007 version was also taken off eBay by Razor Collectibles and inserted into the 2010 Razor Rookie Retro set.

I mentioned in this post that Heyward moves his head and body a lot when he swings the bat which will make him prone to strike out a lot and go into slumps when his timing is off. That proved to be the case as the season wore on and Heyward struggled with injuries as well. He still had a very nice season and would be the top choice for the R.O.Y. award if Buster Posey didn't get called up in May and hit over .300 with 18 HR.

2010 Topps Chrome Jason Heyward Superfractor Auto 1/1
Watchers: 200+ (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $449.00
Final Price: $2,025.05
Auction Ends: October 24

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2003/04 UD Legends Kobe Bryant/ Dwyane Wade Dual Auto /25

The landscape of the NBA in 2003/04 was much different back in those days. Dwyane Wade was a promising rookie for the Miami Heat and Kobe Bryant was a 3-Time Champion who was trying to shrug off sexual assault charges brought against him in Colorado. By the time the 03/04 UD Legends cards were released on June 20, 2004 - Wade was at home relaxing and Bryant was deciding if he'd resign with the Lakers.

Shaquille O'Neal was traded during the summer of 2004 and Bryant remained with the Lakers and struggled through a couple season with the likes of Smush Parker and Vladimir Radmanović as teammates. Meanwhile, Wade teamed with O'Neal and won a Championship in 2005/06. The Lakers eventually re-loaded, Kobe's off-the-court reputation was restored for the most part, and he has led his team to the Finals for the past three seasons.

This 2003/04 UD Legends Dual Autograph of Wade/Bryant is the most watched Basketball card on eBay. The card is serial numbered to 25 and is signed on-card by both players. You never know how these dual autographs, pairing a rookie with an established veteran, will turn out in the long run. For example, a card from the same 03/04 'Rookie Impressions' insert set is a dual auto of Larry Bird and Darko Milicic. Ouch. It's safe to say Upper Deck got lucky with this Bryant/Wade card and NBA Commissioner David Stern is hoping the two meet in the 2010/11 NBA Finals, you can bet on that.

03-04 UD Legends Kobe Bryant Dwyane Wade DUAL AUTO /25
Watchers: 93 (Most Watched Basketball Card)
Current Price: $315.00
Final Price: $504.00
Auction Ends: October 21

Monday, October 18, 2010

2007/08 UD Chronology Kevin Durant Patch Auto /35

Kevin Durant has the hottest Basketball cards on the market right now. Consistently over the past couple months his cards have reigned supreme as the most watched Basketball trading cards. Currently the most watched card on eBay is this 2007/08 Upper Deck Chronology 'Stitches in Time' Patch Autograph, serial numbered 25/35. On October 17th a 07/08 UD Hot Prospects Rookie Patch Auto sold for $255.00 and that card was also one of the top Basketball cards on eBay.
The Chronology card is not a 'true' rookie card of Durant, but the card was made during his rookie season of 07/08. Other names from the 30 card Stitches in Time insert set are: Chris Mullin, George Gervin, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Walt Frazier.  Parallels of the cards exist and are serial numbered to 25, 15, 5 and 1.

The seller of the card, cmeloman15 notes, "this guy (Durant) is further along than both Kobe and Lebron at this stage in his career."  While that point is debatable, I will say that players like Kobe and Michael Jordan have/had a desire to win that is found in just a small fraction of the elite players. For every Kobe and Jordan, we've seen guys like Tracy McGrady, Steve Francis and Vince Carter fail to ever have the competitive drive that is necessary to win in the NBA and remain a longtime hobby mainstay. It remains to be seen if Durant has that 'killer instinct'.

2007-08 UD Chronology Auto Patch Kevin Durant RC 25/35
Watchers: 100 (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $375.00
Final Price: $654.00
Auction Ends: October 19

2001 Bowman Chrome Cody Ross Gold Refractor /99

October is a special time for card collectors because it seems like every year a player who nobody was buying becomes hobby relevant. San Francisco Giants outfielder Cody Ross has got collectors everywhere digging through old boxes of junk to see if they have a nice Cody Ross card to put up on eBay. There aren't a whole lot of 2001 Cody Ross Rookie Cards, but his Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor, serial numbered #/99, is the rookie that will fetch the most at auction.

I am a long time Giants fan and couldn't be happier for Cody and I hope he continues to hit homeruns every night because the Phillies have got a stacked lineup with some great pitching as well. I would imagine Ross won't see an inside fastball for quite sometime because all 3 of his HR's were middle-in fastballs at the edge of the plate. As far as his trading cards go, this is a great time to sell anything and everything Cody Ross. Put together a nice lot with any and all cards you can find. If you do happen to have some of his 2001 rookies, or a modern autograph or game used card, this would be the time to part ways with it. Chances are, you can always buy it back next season at a steep discount. Ross is not considered a prospect, but will probably earn a starting job somewhere, possibly with the Giants, because of his stellar play thus far in the 2010 MLB Playoffs.

This 2001 Bowman Chrome Cody Ross Gold Refractor Rookie is serial numbered #99. To put the price in perspective, in September 2010, a Troy Tulowitzki 2005 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor, serial numbered #/50 sold for $306.00. I think most everyone would agree that Tulowitzki is the far better player in the long term, and possibly might be a Hall-of-Fame type talent. If this Ross card even approaches $100.00 that is a great win for the seller.

2001 Bowman Chrome Cody Ross RC Gold Refractor 47/99
Watchers: 20
Current Price: $32.50
Final Price: $44.00
Auction Ends: October 19

Friday, October 15, 2010

2007/08 Kevin Durant Rookie Patch Autograph Hot Prospects

Usually, even the most popular players in the NBA have 'haters' who will take every opportunity to bash that player to anyone and everyone who has an ear. LeBron James has his fair share of detractors, especially after the wild free agent summer of 2010. The games best player, Kobe Bryant, keeps proving his doubters wrong year after year and is just one short of Michael Jordan's six championship rings. You can bet there are Kobe haters everywhere who would give anything to make sure Kobe doesn't match, or even pass Jordan in Championships. One thing I have noticed though, is the lack of 'haters' Kevin Durant has, everyone seems to love this guy. His popularity and the value of his 2007/08 rookie cards have steadily climbed in 2010 after he led the Oklahoma City Thunder to the first round of the NBA playoffs. He is a front runner to win the 2010/11 NBA MVP award if he can best his performance from 09/10.

There was a lull, maybe from late 2008 through the 2009 season, where prices were really soft for 07/08 rookies and boxes because #1 overall pick Greg Oden was continuously hurt and while Durant played well in Seattle, the fan base was dwindling.  Eventually, the Sonics were forced to move to Oklahoma City because of a horrid lease they had signed with the arena in Seattle. Once the fan base got rolling in Oklahoma, the love for Durant started to trickle out to the rest of country. Last season was a breakout year for Durant and collectors who waited patiently were rewarded by a boost in the value of his rookie cards.

2007-08 Kevin Durant Hot Prospects Auto Jersey RC /399
Watchers: 54
Current Price: $168.50
Final Price: $255.00
Auction Ends: October 17

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 17th Baseball Card Show - Findlay, Ohio

Back again is Awesome Card Shop with another one of their monthly Sports Card Shows in Findlay, OH. The October edition will be held on Sunday the 17th at the same location and times as their last successful shows. Look for boxes to be ripped open and put on YouTube if you can't make the event.

Baseball Card Show Details
The Knights of Columbus Hall
701 West Main Cross Street
Findlay, Ohio
Date: Sunday - October 17, 2010
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

For more information:
Visit AwesomeSportsCards on Twitter
Awesome Sports Cards Facebook Page

2010 Triple Threads Mickey Mantle Roger Maris Cut Relic

One of the huge product hits has been pulled from 2010 Topps Triple Threads Baseball, a spectacular Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris 'Cut Above" Dual Autograph Relic card. It's currently the most watched trading card on eBay and has New York Yankee collectors salivating at the thought of owing this gem.

The 2009 Triple Threads Baseball Set didn't go without controversy when hobby bloggers and collectors were concerned about the authenticity of a 2009 Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig Dual Autograph Relic. Topps probably made 100% sure this time around that they got the real deal on all their high end cut autographs that were included into 2010 Triple Threads Baseball. Some of the other key cut signatures in the product are: Babe Ruth /Ty Cobb, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. 
The cut signature of Roger Maris appears to be from a letter or piece of paper because you can see "Best Wishes" inscribed above his autograph. Mantle's auto might be from a picture or perhaps an old signed baseball card. Both are very clear, it's just a bummer Topps wasn't able to include Mantle's full signature because part of the 'M' in Mickey and the 'E' in Mantle are cut off from the border of the card.

2010 Topps Triple Threads Mantle/Maris Dual Autographs
Watchers: 316 (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $2,146.00
Final Price: $2,275.00
Auction Ends: October 18

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2009 Triple Threads Walter Payton Jumbo Patch Book

Walter Payton is without question one of the greatest running backs to ever play in the NFL and his premium trading cards are always some of the most watched on eBay. This 2009 Topps Triple Threads Jumbo Patch Relic Book Card, being sold on consignment by Beckett Media, has every big time Payton collector on full attention and bidding should be fierce toward the close of the auction.

I've taken a look at a few of Payton's high end cards in the past so it will be interesting to see what price the '09 Triple Threads Book Card fetches. All of the other Payton cards I've written about have either been his 1976 Topps Rookie or a game used card with an autograph also included. The Triple Threads card is just a game used card and is serial numbered 1/1.
The card was pulled by a collector and is being sold on consignment by Beckett Media. The leading publisher of hobby magazines will sell your cards on eBay if the card is valued over $250.00. Visit Beckett's My World Page on eBay and send them a question if you would like any additional information on this service.

2009 Topps Triple Threads WALTER PAYTON Jumbo Patch 1/1
Watchers: 64
Current Price: $515.00
Final Price: $616.00
Auction Ends: October 17

Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010/11 Panini Prestige DeMarcus Cousins Rookie Autograph /249

NBA Basketball cards from Panini have already hit hobby shops and the debut set, 2010/11 Prestige, has gotten some love from collectors on eBay during the first week of sales. Wizards #1 overall pick John Wall and Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins are the two rookies getting the most attention so far.
It's been many years since the Kings were a competitive team in the Western Conference but the organization remains hopeful that the pairing of Cousins and 2009/10 NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans will bring back the glory days in Sacramento. Cousins played well in the NBA Summer League but will have to keep his large body in shape to be a force in the NBA. The NCAA College Basketball season is only 30+ games long while the NBA is 82, plus any additional playoff games. There are some NBA writers and experts that wonder if Cousins has the motivation and drive to be a superstar in the league.

The early pricing for the new NBA rookies is always interesting to monitor and will fluctuate drastically as more sets are released and the players eventually hit the hardwood. Tyreke Evans and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry were the two top sellers from the 2009/10 freshman class which proves that rookies from small market teams can still get respect in the hobby. If there are any sleeper NBA rookies that you like heading into the 10/11 season then you might want to check the prices of their Prestige rookie now to get an idea how much they are selling for before games are even played.

10/11 Prestige Auto DeMarcus Cousins 246/249
Watchers: 48
Current Price: 46.99
Final Price: $72.00
Auction Ends: October 8th

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2001 Sp Authentic Michael Vick Rookie Auto Patch /250

Since his debut in 2001, the value of Michael Vick's rookie cards have seen huge fluctuations in price as he has experienced the highs and lows in life and the highs and lows as a QB in the NFL. His 2001 Sp Authentic rookie was one of the hottest cards I remember from that era with the patch and autograph combination being groundbreaking at the time. Vick never quite lived up to the enormous hype in Atlanta and the dog fighting conviction eventually plummeted the price for the 2001 Sp Authentic Patch Autograph Rookie to under $200.00.
Vick was forced into the lineup when Eagles starting QB Kevin Kolb went down early in week 1 with a concussion and Vick's play during the first three weeks will keep Kolb on the bench for the foreseeable future. The value of Mike Vick rookie cards has risen steadily since his return to the NFL, but they have really gotten a boost in the last few weeks and this 2001 Sp Authentic, serial numbered #/250, is one of the most watched cards on eBay.

2001 SP Authentic Michael Vick RC AUTO Patch 178/250
Watchers: 136 (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $277.00
Final Price: $687.00
Auction Ends: October 7

Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Topps Platinum Jahvid Best Rookie Jumbo Patch /10

Detroit Lions RB Jahvid Best has been a huge threat out of the backfield and already has 5 touchdowns through the first two weeks of the 2010 NFL regular season. Collectors are jumping aboard the Best Bandwagon and one of his most popular cards from 2010 Topps Platinum is for sale on eBay.
The 2010 Topps Platinum Jumbo Patch Autograph cards feature a prime piece of event or game worn jersey. All the rookies in the set have event worn jerseys from the 2010 NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot. Some of the players with game used jerseys from the Platinum Jumbo Patch set are: Reggie Bush, John Elway, and Chad Ochocinco. 

Jahvid Best has a chance to be a top NFL running back and might be able to help turn the fortunes of the Lions around. He may not put up huge rushing yard totals, but he will catch a lot of passes and that will boost his overall numbers. If he can continue to play well and the Lions can improve it will drive the prices for his rookie cards even higher. Keep in mind he ran very well against two teams that have notoriously been good at stopping the running game in the past, Philadelphia and Chicago. If the Lions can put some wins together then that might create more buzz for Best which will elevate the value of his rookie cards even higher.

Watchers: 58
Current Price: $212.50
Final Price: $355.00
Auction Ends: September 20

Saturday, September 18, 2010

2005 Troy Tulowitzki Rookie Bowman Chrome Gold /50

Being a fan of the SF Giants, I get to see Colorado Rockies star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki play quite often and am always very impressed at his ability both on offense and defense. Troy is taller then most SS, but he moves very well and his arm is as good as any player who plays the position. His bat has really heated up during September and has already hit 13 HR's this month alone as he tries to get the Rockies into the National League playoffs.
Collectors interest in Tulowitzki has also stared to heat up this month as several high end cards have hit eBay. This 2005 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor, serial numbered #/50, is not the most popular Tulowitzki card at auction, but it is his most watched rookie card. It will be interesting to see what price this card fetches because on September 13, a BGS graded 9.5 Troy Tulowitzki Gold Refractor sold for $315.00. Wow, this card is ungraded and just 5 days later almost matches the price!

Watchers: 48
Current Price: $188.00
Final Price: $306.61
Auction Ends: September 18

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2007 UD Exquisite Brandon Jackson Rookie Auto /99

Green Bay Packers running back Ryan Grant went down with an ankle injury during week one which opens the door for Brandon Jackson to get increased work on the football field and collectors would be well advised to search their stacks for any of his 2007 rookie cards.

Jackson is a former star at the University of Nebraska and was a 2nd round pick by the Packers in the 2007 NFL Draft. He's played off and on since his rookie season in '07 but has mostly served as a backup to Grant. This might be a great time to sell high on Jackson because the shelf life of NFL running backs is typically short and sweet. The Packers are a high profile team and fans of the team spend big bucks on cards as evident earlier this month when an Aaron Rodgers 2005 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Autograph 1/1 sold for $2,570.00. I am not convinced Jackson will be as productive as Grant was and that's why I would look to move any Brandon Jackson cards a.s.a.p.  It's too bad Dimitri Nance, a RB the Packers just signed off the Atlanta Falcons practice squad, does not have any rookie cards because he might be a guy who ends up getting some carries if/when Jackson wears down.

Rookie cards of Brandon Jackson have began to heat up on eBay and one of the most popular RC's for sale is his 2007 Upper Deck Exquisite Autograph /99.  If Jackson runs well the next couple weeks look for prices to continue to rise. Take advantage of this upswing and sell any Jackson cards in your collection and put a few dollars in your pocket.

2007 Exquisite RC Auto 3Clr Patch Brandon Jackson /99
Watchers: 24
Current Price: $96.55
Final Price: $155.63
Auction Ends: September 15

Monday, September 13, 2010

2009 Arian Foster Rookie Card Watch

I remember picking up Houston Texans RB Arian Foster in one of my fantasy football leagues....... last year...... because he was going to get some work in a game. He promptly came in and fumbled and went straight into the coaches doghouse for the remainder of the season. It's safe to say Foster is out of the doghouse and into the proverbial penthouse with his 231 yard 3 TD performance in week one of the 2010 NFL season against the Indianapolis Colts.

Arian Foster 2009 rookies are the hottest football cards on eBay at the moment. Foster has 23 cards and 4 1/1's available in the 2009 Press Pass Football set. In addition to those cards, just 13 "true" rookie cards were made of Foster during the 2009 season but over 125 parallels, inserts and 1/1 cards were also produced. Here is the complete list of the 13 NFL licensed Arian Foster rookie cards:

*Note - Absolute Memorabilia and Donruss Threads each have retail versions*
Check the link to see what they sell for on eBay:

Monday, September 6, 2010

2009 Bowman Chrome Aroldis Chapman Superfractor RC /1

Aroldis Chapman made his MLB debut and the radar gun was popping off the charts with speeds as high as 105 MPH. With fellow mega-prospect Stephen Strasburg on the shelf with Tommy John surgery, the collecting world turns to Chapman to see if he can fill the void.

A 2009 Bowman Chrome Aroldis Chapman Superfractor 1/1 graded BGS 9 currently is creeping up the charts of the most watched baseball cards on eBay. The price is already a staggering $5K, even though this card has no autograph or memorabilia piece. In 2009 Chapman had yet to sign with an MLB team, but Topps could produce his first cards because he played in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). The Superfractor parallels, serial numbered 1/1, are some of the most sought after cards in the industry.

A couple things concern me about investing in someone like Chapman, one being the recent example of Strasburg going down with arm trouble. Will Chapman be able to keep throwing it 100 MPH + for most of his career without similar arm trouble?  Also, I am not sure if Chapman speaks English or not but that does play a role in collecting because fans want to relate to the player they are buying. Not that Strasburg gave the best interviews, but he articulated himself well and that helped fuel the demand for his cards. But, throwing the ball 105 MPH can translate to all languages and if Chapman can keep bringing the heat he will be a hot name in the hobby until his arm wears out.

UPDATE: Card is for sale again "because the winner of the last auction has backed out of the deal." Here is the rundown on the new auction.

2009 Bowman Chrome Aroldis Chapman SUPERFRACTOR 1/1 Re-Listed
Watchers: 52
Current Price: $192.50
Final Price: $715.87
Auction Ends: September 19

2009 Bowman Chrome Aroldis Chapman SUPERFRACTOR 1/1
Watchers: 164 (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $5,100.00
Final Price: ???????????
Auction Ends: September 10

Sunday, September 5, 2010

2010 Topps Ndamukong Suh Sketch Card Autograph /1

When I spent some time in Nebraska this summer for the College World Series, the topic of conversation would usually steer toward football, and specifically the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The people in Omaha loved Ndamkong Suh and they are eagerly anticipating his NFL debut with the Detroit Lions.

Suh payed homage to his former college on his 2010 Topps Sketch card by inscribing "Huskers 93" on the front. The card is serial numbered 1/1 and has an autograph on the back. These cards were obtained by Topps at the 2010 NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot, and inserted into packs of 2010 Topps Football. Earlier this month a Tim Tebow Sketch card sold for $752.37.  Before I took my trip to Nebraska I was surprised to see how high Ndamkong Suh's rookie cards were selling for, specifically the 2010 Press Pass Autographs were selling for as high as $70 when the set was first released. My guess is that many of Suh's rookie cards end up in the state of Nebraska because no matter what type of career he has in the NFL he will always have a huge fan base from that area.

2010 Topps NDAMUKONG SUH Sketch AUTO 1/1 Autograph
Watchers: 64
Current Price: $128.09
Final Price: $142.50
Auction Ends: September 5

Thursday, September 2, 2010

2008 UD Exquisite Jamaal Charles Rookie Auto Patch /75

I have a vested interest in Jamaal Charles this season as I took him in the 3rd round in one of my fantasy football leagues. Collectors may want to start taking a look at the Kansas City Chiefs running back because his cards could be poised for a huge pop if he runs wild this season.

Coming into the 2010 season, Charles was in the coaches doghouse because he came into camp apparently out of shape and even less motivated. Old man Thomas Jones was brought in to share some of the workload and the carries might be split 50/50 to start the season. The last four games of 2009 Charles flashed the potential that made him a 3rd round pick in 2008, his rushing yards in those games were: 143, 154, 102 and a 25 carry - 259 yard - 2 TD performance to cap off the season.

A 2008 Upper Deck Exquisite Jamaal Charles rookie autographed patch card is treading toward the bottom of the most watched cards on eBay. Take a look at the prices for Chris Johnson's 2008 Exquisite rookie card during the time he was on his way to a 2000 yard season in '09. You'll notice that the serial numbered versions to /75 were selling for around $200-450 depending on how nice the card was. The three and four color patch cards will command a premium on eBay. This Charles 08 UD Exquisite RC is only a two color patch, but if the price is right and he runs well in 2010 the investment could pay off huge in a few short months. Also note that the card is serial numbered 25/75 and Charles currently wears #25 for the Chiefs although on the card he is wearing #29.

Update: Card taken off eBay by the seller.

08 Exquisite JAMAAL CHARLES Auto RC Patch 25/75
Watchers: 44
Current Price: $26.00
Final Price: ???????
Auction Ends: September 5

2005 Bowman Chrome Aaron Rodgers Gold Autograph /1

Prices for 2005 Aaron Rodgers rookie cards have steadily climbed the last couple months with collectors and fans anticipating another big year from the Packers QB.  In July, Sports Card Radio ranked his RC's as the #1 hottest football cards on eBay and to get September started a huge hit from '05 Bowman Chrome is currently for sale on eBay.

The gold refractor parallels are serial numbered 1/1 (stamped on the back) and a big sticker autograph of Rodgers is on the front of the card. It's the most watched trading card on eBay across all sports and bidding is fast approaching $2k. Autograph rookie cards of popular QB's explode in value when that player is hot. Rodgers is being drafted very high in fantasy football leagues and the Packers appear to have one of the better teams on paper going into the 2010 NFL season. All this bodes well for collectors who bought cards of Rodgers when he was backing up Brett Favre from 2005-2007 because prices have been climbing since 2008 when Aaron took over as starter.

Most of that product from 2005 is fairly dreadful if I remember right. I've opened some of the Bowman Chrome and a lot of the Finest from that year and the rookie class is really thin. Rodgers has emerged as the big name and sellers should be taking every opportunity to cash in and sell high if that's what they choose to do. Also, if you sell boxes on eBay, be sure to take a look at the wholesale pricing for the 2005 products to see if you can now hype it up and sell it for a profit. The stuff from 2005 was dirt cheap for a few years and some wholesalers don't update their pricing as much as others so you might be able to find a good deal. 2005 Finest Football boxes have 3 mini boxes and a box topper which can all be re-sold individually for profit if you can get the right price. Make sure to mention that Rodgers rookie cards have gone through the ceiling the last couple months to entice bidders.

Watchers: 412
Current Price: $1,985.00
Final Price: $2,570.00
Auction Ends: September 8

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sports Card Show - Findlay, OH September 5th

Awesome Card Shop will be hosting another baseball card show in Findlay, OH on September 5th at the K of C Hall. I've heard through the grapevine that their last show was a rousing success and if you live anywhere nearby you'll want to check out the September show.

Baseball Card Show Details
The Knights of Columbus Hall
701 West Main Cross Street
Findlay, Ohio
Date: Sunday - September 5, 2010
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

For more information:
Visit AwesomeSportsCards on Twitter
Awesome Sports Cards Facebook Page

2010 Topps Tim Tebow Sketch Card Autograph 1/1

There will be hundreds of Tim Tebow rookie cards released this season but few will be as unique as the 2010 Topps Sketch card, autographed and serial numbered 1/1. The sketch appears to be Tebow doodling possibly his favorite play and collectors will be lining up to get this 1/1 treasure.
Topps has come out with a bang in 2010 with their inaugural release of the year, it's classic Topps set, and it has been a huge hit thus far. One of the most popular football cards on eBay last week was a Tim Tebow/John Elway dual autograph serial numbered /25. Bidding topped out at $265.00 and I am sure many more dual auto's will make there way onto eBay in the coming months.  If I had to take a guess, I would think that the bidding for this 1/1 sketch card will fetch more then the Elway/Tebow dual autograph, but maybe collectors would rather have a dual autograph instead, we shall see.

Watchers: 133
Current Price: $149.50
Final Price: $752.37
Auction Ends: September 2