Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama/Jackie Robinson Dual Auto To Be Auctioned 3/7/10

A 1/1 2009 Topps American Heritage Dual Autograph Book Card of President Barack Obama and Jackie Robinson will be auctioned off starting March 7, 2010 by auction house Huggins & Scott.

The card was authenticated by both Topps and PSA/DNA. Check back here to see how high the bidding gets for this piece of American history.

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  1. These dual cut cards are a joke. Dealers make it sound like these two sat down and signed the same item. The truth is, the items that get cut up to make these stupid cards are probably worth more than the finished product. My favorite was the Harry Frazee and Babe Ruth card that those morons in Chicago thought they could trade for a helicopter on ebay. What a bunch of morons.