Saturday, January 16, 2010

Twins Pitcher Will Trade His Autograph For Your Cards

Minnesota Twins Pitcher Pat Neshek has a great interview that appeared in the The Minnesota Star Tribune blog. Anyone interested in trading cards with Neshek should check out his website

"The whole trading idea started in 2005. I was never on a prospect list thus the card companies refused to make baseball cards of me. The only cards I got were ones put out by the minor league team I was on. Each day I would get letters from people having me sign pieces of paper saying that they wished they had my card. I decided to write to the card company and they agreed to sell me a ton of my cards. Now that I had cards of myself I told people if they ever needed a signed card of me to send me a card of anyone that played baseball or hockey. Currently I have 9 binders filled with trades from the past couple years."

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