Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's Future Star: Chris Carter - Oakland Athletics

Chris Carter is a familiar name in the world of sports. Former Minnesota Vikings WR Chris Carter can now be seen on ESPN and if you are not careful you can mix up the two Chris Carter's in Baseball.

The Chis we are referring to won the California League Player of the Year with 39 Home Runs playing in the Oakland A's minor league system. He is considered by many to be one of the top prospects in baseball.

I saw Chris play in person in late 2008, and I must say, the guy was biggest dude on the field by a mile. He is every bit of his listed 6-4". 

2007 Bowman Chrome Chris Carter #210

Seen here in a White Sox Uniform as he was traded to Oakland in the Dan Haren deal. Refractor Versions make for good investments as well, and sell for modest prices on eBay.


  1. Is he in the big leagues yet? Or is he in AA or AAA?

  2. I was reading there is a small chance he makes the MLB team this year as a 1B, but will most likely start the year in AAA Sacramento.