Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interview With Panini Bounty Winner

Bob D'Angelo of TBO interviewed Dawn McNew, who was the winner of the Manning/Brees Panini Bounty Contest. Dawn originally bought the card on eBay for $11.00 and has over 1,000 Peyton Manning cards in her collection. 

Dawn will be able to keep the bounty card and also gets:
  • Special 1/1 Peyton/Brees Card
  • A box of every Panini Football product in 2010
“I think it’s pretty cool that Panini would make such an offer to begin with,” McNew said, “and then to not only honor their offer, but also to return the card." McNew said she was contacted by e-mail after the bounty was announced. “An eBayer told me, ‘hey, go to this site (Panini’s). I think you might have that card. ” 

Read the full article here. (Scroll down the page)

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