Thursday, February 11, 2010

San Diego Man Wants To Trade Cards For House

Go to some of the popular sports card forums, and you'll see lots of trades going down each and every day. How about trading your cards..........for a house? A real house. A house, that would have to have, according to Clyde Bone, a "scenic view" in order for him to give up his collection.

The details are are a little sketchy. He claims his collection is worth $500,000............ "based on current book prices."  Ouch. Not to knock the guy, but if he is going by Beckett to price his cards, then his $500,000 collection- is probably only worth about $50,000.  Even in this depressed real estate market, there probably isn't a whole lot available in San Diego for $50,000.

Bone does claim to have 28 1962 Topps Mickey Mantle cards. Those aren't worth as much as one might think, go check out the current price on eBay.  If those are the gems of his collection then he has got an uphill battle finding anyone in their right mind trading a house, worth half a million, for his cards. 

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