Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Scroll: Sports Card Report's Favorite Websites & Blogs

Here are a few sports and trading card websites that I've visited over the course of the week. The website ranking is according to Alexa's United States traffic rank.

In no particular order:

Blowout Forums -Rank: 14,440
I will head over here a couple times a day to read what the pulse on the hobby is like. Not really big on doing too many posts, mostly I like to just see what others are talking about, and Blowout does a great job putting news about products on the forum as well.

When The Giants Come To Town - Rank: 460,152
This is a fan blog that focuses on the farm system of the S.F. Giants. I first found Dr. B on the S.F. Giants message board and am glad he started his own blog so I can stay updated without digging through posts on a message board. If you are a fan of the Giants, or into baseball prospects, this is a great place to go.

AZ Giants - Rank: 5,335,095
Another fantastic fan blog for Giants fans. He gets great pictures at Spring Training every year, that are well worth checking out. Great photography. He even snapped some pictures of Bryce Harper in his first J.C. game a few weeks back. 

Sports Card Radio - Rank: 67,481
From it's monthly podcast, to it's product reviews, Sport Card Radio is starting to become a force in the hobby information world. The site gets updated everyday with something fresh, so it's nice to go check out what's going on.

Twitter - Rank: 12
Twitter has it's fair share of haters, but it's actually a good place to go for a "baseball card news stream" of sorts.  Most of the trading card bloggers and site owners are on Twitter, so it keeps me updated on what is going on throughout the hobby.

Voice Of The Collector - Rank: 223,749
I always seem to end up here a couple times a week because the content of the blog is unique and varies from day to day. From vintage stuff, to hobby business information, it covers a lot of topics that I enjoy reading about. 

Lakers Ground Forum - Rank: 5,335
This is by far the most popular Lakers forum on the web, and I've been a member for about 4 or 5 years. It's hard to get a word in over there, as it is one of the most active sports forums on the web.

MLB Trade Rumors -  Rank: 1,860
I have a soft spot for this website because I have been going there for several years, and remember back when nobody had heard about the site. Now it is one of the most popular baseball sites in the world, and is a place I still go everyday.

If anything, this weeks websites prove just where Sports Card Report's fan allegiance lies. I will do my best to troll the web looking for sites not Laker and Giants related!


  1. Check out my blog which is updated throughout the week. I usually post on vintage baseball cards/memorabilia and give advice/guidance on the hobby.