Sunday, February 21, 2010

TTM Request Comes 15 Years Later

Sending out cards to get autographed through the mail can be hit or miss. Sometimes the athlete signs, and sometimes you might get nothing back in return. Getting an autograph back is a very exciting thing. Knowing that person took the time to autograph your card and send it back to you makes you want to send out more. Who cares how long it takes to get a card back. Right?

Well the NY Post had an interesting TTM story today.  Mark Roth of Brooklyn would send out cards when he was a kid. Now 27, Mark got a call from his dad asking if he'd been sending cards out again. He replied that he hadn't sent any out for 15 years. So it came as a surprise when a 1992 Kevin Appier autograph showed up in the mail. Appier has been retired from baseball since 2004, so he must now be finding time to sign some fan mail.

The Post did try and contact Appier for comment, but were unable to reach him. Appier's sister, Jeri, did say that Kevin never forgot about fan mail, and that the Royals had recently sent Kevin a box with stuff left over from Appier's time with the team.

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