Wednesday, March 24, 2010

4Kids Entertainment Developing NFL Trading Card Game

With Upper Deck on the way out of the NFL trading card market, new suitors could be lining up for a piece of the action.

Panini already has a deal with the NFLPA, but might up the stakes with an aggressive move to jump into a market that Topps might shy away from. To further the speculation, 4Kids Entertainment, better known for their Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh television licenses, CEO Al Kahn had this to say in a March 16 conference call:

"We are continuing to work on the development of our NFL trading card game. If and when that game goes forward it will be with different additional group of partners which could fund the transaction and not leave the transaction funding on the doorsteps of 4Kids and any way shape reform."

Topps and Panini both have card games already in Attax and Adrenalyn. Topps Attax has been a revenue boost to the company but it's still too early to tell if Adrenalyn will be successful in the NBA market. Whoever gets involved with the NFL, it's clear they will bring a game along with them


  1. hope they bring back the Score, – the early 90s I thought they had better hockey cards than Upped Deck and Topps. I hope they make them affordable. Score is the one card manufacturer name that goes with the Sport.

    Crosby shoots – Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always wished Score would have produced an NBA set

  2. John,

    On Card Corner Club I read today that tentatively Score is slated to be the first Panini Hockey product for 2010/11.