Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As A True American I Encourage You To Vote

It could mean a lot to the forums/blogs/sites that get to win an Upper Deck Award. I visit a lot of the nominees I saw on the Upper Deck Facebook page almost everyday.

From the 3 large forums (SCF, FCB, & Blowout) which each have a different 'feel' to it, but each are loaded, absolutely loaded, with information & trades on each site. Fantastic place to see what is going on, even if you only read or post infrequently.

I couldn't pick one blog if I tried. All different in their own way. That's the beautiful thing that maybe Topps and Upper Deck has missed out on the last few years........... There are a lot of people discussing what is going on. If you like baseball or vintage, or non-sport, or funny, or just Upper Deck, or just Topps, or whatever, chances are, there is a baseball card blog for that. If there isn't a blog in your collecting niche - start one!  

It would be great if Upper Deck then took the time to actually visit some of these sites that get a nomination. I am not sure how much they check out, but it would be a great gesture of goodwill to reach out to some of the people that put in the time and energy everyday to keep the hobby going on a grassroots level.

I know that most people don't like redemption cards in their products, but I want to create a big fat redemption card for UD that reads: Here is to a better and bright future - 2010 and beyond.

UPDATE: Be sure to read the comments as Sports Card Report gets roasted by anonymous! 


  1. Wow, you are really a rube. First you fall for the fake UD awards stuff, and now you are falling over yourself trying to win one of these meaningless awards. Just pathetic. Why don't you be like Gellman and post some affiliate links while you're at it.

  2. Anonymous,

    You're brutal! :) As a true american, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion as well. Thanks for sharing.