Monday, March 22, 2010

Card Collector May Revolutionize Sports Betting Industry

A very interesting story about Jeremy Levine, a 23 year old baseball card collector who thinks he has found a way to provide legal sports betting online.

The idea behind his website,, is you treat each bet as though you are buying "stock" in the team or player. The shares only go up or down in value depending on the result of the game. If your team loses, your "shares" are worth zero. If you win the bet, you are awarded the winnings. 

Levine is an entrepreneur at heart, his love for baseball cards and business, started early,  “Rather than the gimmicky cards with the jerseys, I always wanted the rookie cards,” he said. “I was always playing with my friends, trading cards, trying to get the next big thing.”

Read more about Levine's bold business gamble at the Boston Business Journal.

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