Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Cardboard Problem Fantasy Baseball League - Part 1

I was fortunate enough to be invited to play in A Cardboard Problem's fantasy baseball league. Which actually reminds me I need to transfer $20 from one of my off-shore bank accounts I like to roll with cash $$ into paypal to pony up the buy in. Consider it a donation, cause "Dr. Phil" a.k.a Sports Card Report has a slim shot at winning.

It's not that I have not been around the fantasy block.  Sports Card Radio (a.k.a. Jesus Take The Wheel), and some of my other fantasy football enemies, will have no choice but to concede my greatness on the fantasy gridiron.  It's a group of highly competitive, ego charged, males who live out thier football dreams on Sunday. The leagues message board is where things get real interesting. Let's just say if Beckett Media or Upper Deck ever got a hold of some of the things that have come out of "Dr. Proven Commodity's" mouth - I'd have to put my apartment on craigslist out of utter shame.

It's all about business in this baseball league. I only follow the SF Giants and am heavily biased toward them.  One thing that helps me with NFL fantasy is I don't have a favorite team. I just watch the NFL. Every game, all the stats, everything. I only watch the SF Giants play. It doesn't interest me to watch any other MLB team..............  that was until I played fantasy baseball last year for the 2nd time. Somehow managed to find a way to come in 3rd. I'll gladly take that this season seeing how I am up against fellow bloggers, who do double duty as baseball wizards.

I will chronicle my journey, frustrations with injuries and under performing stars, and hopefully, a little success here.

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