Tuesday, March 16, 2010

List of Sports Trading Card Distributors & Wholesalers

If you are looking to sell boxes on the internet or through a brick and mortar hobby shop or card show, you need to shop around for the best price.

Step one is obtaining a valid state tax i.d. number as a business owner. It's simple and easy to get, and usually only costs $30-50.  Check out your local government website for info on how to get one in your area.

If you are selling boxes on eBay, unless you are able to get the very best price at the wholesale level, you will not be able to make money.  The fees that eBay now charges, to go along with the competition (many of whom are also the distributors you are buying from)  make it very difficult unless you have deep pockets.  ONE exception though!  You've got to REALLY be on your game. Do your research. Track pricing, and the 'older' box game is where it's at to make good money. I'm not talking vintage wax, or even 80's or junk 90's stuff either.

According to Jason Masherah, Upper Deck's Director of Sports Brands, about 80 percent of all sports cards products are purchased and opened within 60 days of release.  The products I've made the most money on were older sports card products that you have to really dig deep to find any left at the wholesale level.  Back when I was doing this in 2000-2005, here are the products that made the most money for me, and see if any of the boxes still sell on eBay. 

- 1996/97 Topps Finest Retail Basketball  -
This is Kobe Bryant's rookie year. I used to buy the retail boxes for $20 a box. The hobby ones, even several years ago were really expensive. Global Sales Wholesale (you need to have your business license to buy from them) were the only guys who ever had it. I used to buy 20 box cases of it, for $20 a box, and have sold them for as much as $180.00 on eBay - these huge prices came the day of, and day after Kobe dropped 81 points on the Raptors.  These boxes were really small, and easy to ship!!

- 1998 SPx Finite Football -
Peyton Manning and Randy Moss Rookie cards are in this stuff. I used to find it from PGH and a few other random people back in the day. If I could find it for around $85-120, I was in business. I always got around $150-190 for these, but again, these were, and still are, almost impossible boxes to find for a good price.

- 2003/04 Topps Finest Basketball - LeBron/Wade/Carmelo
Used to buy the full boxes for between $55 - 75. Those came with the 3 mini's per full box, so I would sell them by the mini box. This is the best way to make money on eBay. Take a product like Finest and split it up and sell it buy the mini box. Don't try and scam your customers either. Clearly state they are buying a mini box - a lot of collectors get real confused about this product.

List of Sports Trading Card Distributors

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