Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mark Sanchez 2009 Exquisite Price History

It's still early, but Jets QB Mark Sanchez appears to be the biggest name to come out of the 2009 NFL Draft Class.  Over at Sports Card Radio, they will be taking a look at the price history of one of Sanchez's best RC cards - his 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Patch Autograph.

2009 Mark Sanchez Exquisite Price History 

We will also be keeping a running tally in this thread of the early prices that the Sanchez Exquisite RC's are getting on eBay. So far just one has made it to completion and that was a very nice SP /25.

One thing to note is that the Jets' jerseys are not as colorful as the Falcons (Matt Ryan) and Ravens (Joe Flacco). Those two QB's have had some amazing Exquisite Patch Auto's the last couple years in large part due to the 4 and 5 color RC cards. It will be interesting to see the what the price will be for a Mark Sanchez prime jersey swatch, like the NFL logo, the Reebok logo, and/or the Jets logo.

2009 Exquisite RC Patch Auto Mark Sanchez 15/25 $750.00   

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