Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rare 2003/04 UD Exquisite Basketball Case

This might be the crown jewel of basketball cards, and these cases and boxes of 2003/04 UD Exquisite Basketball have all but dried up.

A case has made it onto eBay courtesy of seller zcose-sports-marketing.  3 boxes come per case. A 2003/04 UD Exquisite LeBron James Gold /23 sold for just under $10,000 last week. The action on this case should be fierce as the auction draws to a close in 3 days.

03-04 UD Exquisite Basketball SEALED Case
Watchers: 156
Current Price: $7,100.00
Final Price: $8,700.00

03/04 Exquisite Basketball Checklist & Review

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