Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Report: UD's Settlement To Konami Smaller Then Expected

The San Diego Business Journal has new details of the settlement in the counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh case between hobby giants Upper Deck v. Konami.  

Upper Deck's attorney, Richard Howell, didn't say exactly how much the settlement was for, but hinted that it was not the tens of millions Konami was seeking for the 611,000 counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh cards Upper Deck produced.

"The court issued numerous rulings which gravely undermined the claims Konami had hoped to present during the trial. As a result of these events, Konami went into retreat and ended up requesting a settlement at half of what Upper Deck had been offering just days before.

Upper Deck CEO Richard McWilliam later added in an email to the San Diego Business Journal:

"The settlement amount for Konami, we believed, probably amounted to less than their attorneys’ fees.”

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