Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Somebody Busted Upper Deck's Chops

The mysterious Upper Deck Awards tweeter who has since changed his twitter account name from "UpperDeckAwards" to BustinYOchopz had this to say to the sports card world:

"WoW. Easier than I thought to get a rise out of part of the sports card internet world."

Yesterday, Bustin Yo Chopz was posing as a Upper Deck representative on Twitter and followed many of the internet's biggest sports card sites, blogs and forums.  Bustin Yo Chopz (aka UpperDeckAwards) then began engaging them in the upcoming UD Awards.  This person even provided a domain www.upperdeckawards.com.  At around 5 pm PST that site redirected visitors to legal documents from a US District Court in the MLB Properties vs. Upper Deck case that eventually saw UD settle out of court. 

There has to be some speculation about who BustinYoChopz is, and Voiceofthecollector hit the nail on the head - it almost certainly has to be a former Upper Deck employee. Who else would take the time to craft such a scheme?

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  1. Thats pretty funny, and ironic since these new Upper Deck awards are for Social Media and Upper Deck is touting their dominance in the social media space.