Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Scroll: Blogs I Follow

I mainly use Google friend connect to follow the baseball card blogs I like to read.  All the posts show up on my blogger dashboard, so it makes it easy to see what's new.

Let's crack it open and check out all the blogs I'm tracking so far.

In alphabetical order:

A Cardboard Problem - One of my favorite blog posts of the year can be read right here.

Atlanta Sports Card Blog - It's nice that some of these bigger distributors and dealers have blogs and forums. I've been able to pick up some information that would have otherwise been difficult to obtain.

Baseball In The Attic - Michael got in touch with me about his blog, and I'm real glad he did. Some real interesting vintage card commentary.  I even saw that one of NBC's sports blog linked to his interview with Topps. Nice!!!!

Baseball Card Nirvana - Another blog with some cool vintage card information that is at times difficult to come by on the web. It's also nice to be reminded about the players of yesteryear at least a couple times a day.

Baseball Cards Come To Life - I want to say a couple months back Bo had some interviews up with former players, and that's how I first found the blog. Been enjoying reading ever since!

Basketball Card Pro -  Nick emailed me about his blog when he just got started with it, and he just keeps humming along! Basketball card blogs are hard to come by, so look for Nick to rise to the top here real soon.

BDJ's610 Topps Baseball Blog - Jaybee loves his Topps. I'm a big fan of this blog because it's a true fan blog, that offers real good thoughts and insights into everything Topps Baseball.

Blowout Cards Forum - Doesn't count as a blog, but I go here quite often to see what collectors are chatting about. 

Cardboard Junkie - A great place to go for some baseball card humor. Funny pictures, pranks, and photo-shopping go down here.  With some serious baseball card commentary mixed in.

The CardPricer Blog - I don't have a subscription to the database they have...... but I kinda want one. The blog has lots of random hobby tidbits.

Dinged Corners - This Mets fan updates his blog almost everyday. Lot, and lots of cool pictures and good stories. A blog well worth checking out.

Fan Pack Successes -  This blogger sends out emails, and gets free stuff from sports teams and organizations.  All for free! He has been posting his successes for quite some time, he must have a garage full of stuff by now!

Field Level View -  Any time I can link to another blog about hobby news is a good day.  I don't have to try and wing it on my own. I can link it and let the reader go enjoy. Field Level View is a source I go to because he will get 'scooped' on maybe a story, or product checklist details. 

JD's Wild Cardz - The 2009 Allen & Ginter Crack The Code Contest Winner has his own blog. Did an interview for me over at Sports Card Radio.  Real nice guy, and be sure to look for him in the 2010 Allen & Ginter set!

Pat's Hockey Blog - I'm working hard on my Hockey knowledge, and this is one of the places I go to soak in some information.

Sewing Machine Guy On Cards - Just saw he wrote a post about Andy Pafko's 1952 Topps #1 today, so after I get done writing this I gotta go do some reading. 

Sports Card Radio - If you like anything you see on this site, then you might want to go over to Sports Card Radio, because I add daily articles over there as well.  The site is set up on Joomla, so I am not restricted by a WordPress/Blogger template. Check out some of my work if you get a chance. Product previews, checklists, vintage stuff, - we've get a lot of stuff posted over there.

Trader Crack's Blog - One of my favorites. Well written, and very informative. A must read if you enjoy the hobby.

TTM Addict - Just a real cool blog about a collectors TTM successes. Always nice to see what collectors get. Great scans of all the cards as well.

VOTC - I've been reading up on the latest vintage consignment that VOTC has undertaken. Interesting stuff about cards, eBay, and the process of selling all the cards.

Wax Wombat -  All kinds of good stuff on this blog. All the sports, and even some comic book stuff mixed in too.

White Sox Cards - I am a Giants fan, but I end up on this site at least a couple times a week. Some of these bloggers do an very good job at mixing hobby information with humor, and White Sox Cards is one of the finest at doing so.

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