Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Upper Deck: What Is Going On?

How come the (fake?) Upper Deck Awards website re-directed visitors to the MLB Properties vs. Upper Deck US District Court Documents? 


The Twitter account @upperdeckawards is fake.  I noticed they followed Topps and Razor.  Kind of odd to do that.  They also never @ replied UpperDeckSports or mentioned UD's official website. The second the official press release came out, @upperdeckawards stopped tweeting, and perhaps that is about the time the re-direct to the court documents got set up.

It's still unclear to Sports Card Report if this is a legitimate contest, and at least some fair questions have to be posed to Upper Deck. If indeed the Twitter and website associated with the Upper Deck Awards is indeed fake, then I hope the company will take the time to acknowledge this and look into whomever started the account. It looks horrible! Was this a former employee?  They had a little bit of knowledge about the pending contest before the press release came out.

In my 20 years in the hobby, as a collector, dealer, manager, card shop owner, etc. I have never seen anything as wacky as the chain of events that have unfolded over at Upper Deck the last several months.  

The contest already put a bad taste in my mouth because the company had just laid off, by some accounts, over 100 people between December and March. Now they want the community of card collectors to rally behind the company?


  1. I don't really see the point of the contest. I enjoy the blogosphere community as it is without the popularity contest.

  2. I agree 100%. I could see opening up UD's facebook account to let people just "sound off" on their favorite sites. Then maybe UD could have done a drawing or raffle.