Tuesday, April 6, 2010

09/10 Blake Griffin 1/1 Patch Autograph Rookie Card

Even sitting on the sidelines injured all season has not hurt the sales of some Blake Griffin Panini Rookie Cards. His 2009/10 Panini Certified 1/1 Freshman Fabric Prime Parallel just sold for $660.00 on eBay.

Is there value in buying Griffin rookies now that he has missed the entire NBA season?  Depends on what you think of his game, but keep in mind he is on the Clippers, who have been a sad sack franchise for many years, and where players go to see their career, and card values die.

The seller did an awful job at promoting this Panini Certified Blake Griffin 1/1 which might have hurt the final price. The title of the auction was "Blake Griffin Jersey Auto #1/1" not putting the words Panini, Certified, Rookie and/or RC, and 09/10 in his title could have cost him a few bucks.  Despite the high price tag, this card was not one of the most watched Panini cards, and many people probably missed this one unless they were specifically searching for Blake Griffin.

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