Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2007 UD Sweet Spot Barry Bonds 756* Asterisk Card

A few years ago Upper Deck pulled off quite a stunt with the release of the 2007 Sweet Spot Barry Bonds 756* Asterisk Card.

In December 2007, a UD representative told Beckett Baseball Magazine that the card does exist "and it's one of the scarcest cards people will see in a long time." Early sales of the card were very high. $955 & $1,200 were the first two recorded sales.

At the time, Barry Bonds had an exclusive deal with Topps and it is widely thought that the card is as much a "cheap shot" at Topps as it is at Bonds. Read more about other controversial cards from 2007 here.

I've been watching a 2007 Sweet Spot Bonds Asterisk card pop on and off eBay for the last few days. The seller can't decide if he wants to just put it up for auction and let it run, or try and get a seller friendly buy it now price. Hopper331 currently has the 07 Bonds Asterisk card for sale priced at $1,400.00 or best offer. He had the card up for sale a few days ago but cut the auction short with 2 days left when the price was at $122.00. 

The seller does have some questionable feedback, but noting about selling 'fake' cards.  So this appears to be a legit version of the 2007 Sweet Spot Barry Bonds 756* Asterisk Card.  One previous buyer left a negative comment about a damaged Herbert Hoover 2009 UD Signs of History Cut Auto ($360.55), but the seller has sold quite a few high end cards in the past and received positive feedback. 

2007 Sweet Spot Barry Bonds 756 Asterik Auto
Buy it now price: $1,400.00

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