Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Historic Autographs - Baseball PSA/DNA Cut Auto Set

A group of auctioneers have gotten together to release an all cut autograph baseball set called 2010 Historic Autographs. Scheduled release date is May 7, 2010. 

According to the company, only 3,000 total boxes will be produced.  Pre-Sale box prices are coming in at around $170.00 at the retail level and about $150.00 at wholesale. 

2010 Historic Autographs Box Breakdown:
3 Packs Per Box
1 Card Per Pack
1 Hall Of Fame Cut Signature In Each Box
Each Card Is a PSA/DNA Slabbed Cut Autograph

The checklist is massive, 846 different players both past and present.
Entire 2010 Historic Autograph Baseball Checklist

1:100 Boxes will have a cut autograph of one of the following players: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Jimmie Foxx, Rogers Hornsby, Roger Bresnahan, Jackie Robinson, Walter Johnson, Tony Lazzeri, Mel Ott & Honus Wagner & more.

1:25 Boxes will have a cut autograph of one of the following players: Mickey Mantle, Paul Waner, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Dazzy Vance, Jim Bottomley, Connie Mack, Chuck Klein, Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, Gil Hodges, Nillie Fox, Eddie Collins, Dizzy Dean, Joe Gordon, Clark Griffith, Roger Maris, Satchel Paige, Ed Walsh, Cal Hubbard & more.


  1. what? A group of auctioneers made this product? What a scam i hope mastro was not invloved with this. So i guess anyone that can put a border on an index card and call it a name can make a set.

  2. This is information I found From THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!! IRT PSA DNA COMPANY
    copied from
    "Complaint ExperienceSome complainants allege the company fails to return items sent in for authentification, and in some cases deny ever receiving the item. Other customers complain that the company fails to provide services as agreed, returning itenms without explanation as to why they are determined not to be authentic. Some complainants allege items sent are lost, misplaced, or that the company replaces the high quality items sent in, with lesser valued items before returning to the customer. A few customers complain the company misrepresented the value of cards they purchased, and found after spending considerable amounts of money, a second opinion determined the item as worthless. Most customers report they experience difficulty contacting the company to resolve problems, claiming calls are not returned, and voice-mail or e-mail messages are not answered. The company responds to some complaints by offering explanations, or by directing complainants to review their policies which are posted on the website. In cases where items are missing or lost, the company asks for proof of delivery, registered tracking numbers, copies of submission forms, check numbers used, dates checks were posted, and any other documentation that might be associated to the transaction, advising the complainant the information will be taken under review, and resolution will depend on the information provided. The company addresses some complaints regarding purchased items by advising the complainant they do not engage in the sale of sports memorabilia, and they must have confused them with another company. The company disputes most allegations, and refunds or credits are usually not issued"