Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Upper Deck Awards: Snapshot Of Everything Wrong With Hobby

You want to know an interesting fact? In my almost 20 years working in hobby stores, not one time, not one single time has a customer ever come in and asked me about a sports card forum or blog. NEVER. That's tens of thousands of customers. That's thousands of worthwhile conversations about the hobby. From some very smart and intelligent people. Never once has anyone asked me about a baseball card blog or forum. In fact, very rarely is eBay even brought up, unless I bring it up. 

It should come as no surprise then, that the only people who participated in the recently completed Upper Deck Awards were the people involved in the contest. The group of average collectors out there would dwarf any 30,000 member forum and certainly wouldn't care about Upper Deck's promotion. 

Thank the baseball card god's the average collector didn't pay any attention to this contest. The UD Awards did more then ruffle a few feathers and inflate a few ego's. It probably ruined a few relationships along the way.  How the contest played out also had undertones of everything wrong with the hobby.  Greed, jealousy, throw in some possible "counterfeit" votes and I couldn't think of a more proper way for an Upper Deck contest to end. 

Lost in all of this is who is at fault. Upper Deck. The company has laid off hundreds, admitted in court to counterfeiting Yu-Gi-Oh cards, owes the IRS millions because of questionable business practices, and yet a quick UD press release promising prizes can get many to ignore such facts. The contest was not well organized, thanks to Upper Deck.  Possible voting fraud was acceptable because Upper Deck used a generic poll website that allowed for such shenanigans.  It's been said some deserving sites, communities and box breakers didn't get nominated, which in the end might have worked out in their favor. 

Another contest from another card company is probably already in the works. Enter at your own risk.


  1. Ha! I've always thought it was funny serious some of the bloggers take themselves. Even though I have a blog of my own, it's really for my own enjoyment, and if even one other person likes it than so be it. Doesn't matter to me if 10 people read or 1000. But no matter how much I've preached that our voices don't matter AT ALL, I'm always shot down with bragging about 'hundreds' of hits per day!

    Woah, 100s!! Not bad considering there are hundreds of MILLIONS of people using the internet, right? It's such a miniscule presence that of course the companies don't give two sh!ts about us!

    Not sure what I'm getting at here, so I'll end my rant.

  2. Sir, I officially name you winner of JD's unofficial blog of the day winner! Congrats!

  3. Thanks Joe! Anytime you want to rant feel free to use my comment box. It gave me a chance to check out your blog for the first time, count me in as one of your new readers.

    JD's Daddy!!!!! Hell Yeah! Thanks my man.