Friday, May 28, 2010

1993 Topps Micro Derek Jeter RC PSA 10

High priced early 1990's baseball cards are sometimes hard to come by, but slap a PSA 10 on one and you might get somewhere. A regular 1993 Topps Micro Derek Jeter Rookie Card can be had for less then $12.  But this PSA 10 is already over $400.00.

One of the reasons for the price premium is that according to the seller of the card - only 4 1993 Derek Jeter Mini/Micro RC's have been graded PSA 10. Centering is usually the reason why these cards don't grade well. If you have one of these cards, be sure to really look at it hard before sending the card in to be graded. If you don't get a PSA 10 - you will come out on the short end if you try and sell:

1993 Topps Micro Derek Jeter PSA 8
Sold For: $7.99
May 26, 2010

The PSA 10 Jeter Micro RC currently for sale ends tonight and I am curious to see if there is any late movement on the card.  The seller previously had the card for sale for a very ambitious buy it now price of $2,899.00.

1993 Topps Micro Derek Jeter PSA 10
Watchers: 43
Current Price: $405.00
Final Price: $856.99


  1. Interesting card. I have one of these, but never looked at it to see how well it would grade.

  2. Lots of late bids on this card. I was thinking anything less then $600 was a steal.

  3. what does PSA 10 mean

  4. what is value of a full set of 1993 topps micro baseball cards still sealed in its plastic wrap???