Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 Bowman Chrome J.J. Hoover Superfractor 1/1

So this one probably won't hit the $15K mark. But it's still interesting to see what price the Bowman Superfractor cards fetch on eBay. Here we have a 2010 Bowman Chrome J.J. Hoover Superfractor 1/1.
J.J. Hoover is a minor league pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. He was a 10th round draft choice in the 2008 MLB Draft. I've never seen the kid pitch, and so far he has posted very modest statistics while playing at four lower levels of the Braves farm system. He is currently pitching in A+ ball (Myrtle Beach), where this season he is 1-3 with a 4.18 ERA with 34 SO in 47.1 IP. Obviously he doesn't have 'blow them away stuff' but it looks like his control is above average because his career SO/BB ratio is 4.32 in about 190 IP.

The Braves have been able to develop pitchers in the past who didn't have a dominant fastball, so J.J. Hoover at least has a shot at success. We'll keep an eye on this card to see where the final price ends.

2010 Bowman Chrome JJ Hoover Superfractor Rookie #1/1
Watchers: 48
Current Price: $46.33
Final Price: $102.50

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