Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Donruss Elite Tim Tebow RC Autograph Die Cut

The NFL Football season is still a few months away, but collectors are getting their hands on all the new 2010 Draft Picks. The most watched football card on eBay this week is this 2010 Donruss Elite Tim Tebow Status Die Cut RC Autographed, serial numbered 1/24.
Tim Tebow's skills as a quarterback are often questioned, but his fan base is large and strong. Tebow has been the biggest hit in the early 2010 Panini Football products and collectors will be monitoring the QB situation in Denver closely. The odds are Tebow will not begin the season as the starter, so there is plenty of time to sell while the prices are still very high.

The Elite Status Autographs are a parallel card to the base rookie cards found in 2010 Donruss Elite Football. They are serial numbered /24, and this Tebow is #1 in the print run.

2010 Elite Tim Tebow Die Cut Status Auto (01/24)
Watchers: 75
Current Price: $137.50
Final Price: $230.35


  1. All this Tebow hype is ridiculous. I just don't see him being a good NFL quarterback.

  2. It is sort of crazy how much love Tebow gets. I wonder if he'll have a "Tiger Woods" moment during his career and get caught up in something that hurts his golden boy image.

    So far, so clean for Tebow though. I also question how good a QB will be - but even if he flames out in the NFL, there will always be a pulse on his autograph stuff - what a ridiculous fan base he has coming w/ him to the NFL from his heroics at Florida.

  3. Your comparative analysis is quite commical. A Tiger moment? Oh, I see... because Tiger was an upstanding guy from the start. Apples to apples please.

  4. I hate the Gators and I am not a Tim Tebow fan at all, but the kid has some serious heart and has a drive in him that is on another level then most rookies that come into the NFL. Tom Brady was a nobody and look how he turned out. If the Broncos can teach him to stay in the pocket, he might turn into a hall of famer because he has the drive to be one.

  5. Seriously let the kid play football . stop talking smack . I dont see u guys name in the nfl.he is at the pro level because he is good