Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2007/08 UD Black Kevin Durant RC Autograph /99

Kevin Durant saw his hobby stock rise during the 09/10 NBA season, leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to the first round of the playoffs. Collectors interest in Durant has remained steady throughout the summer and a 2007/08 UD Black Auto RC 2/99 is currently one of the hottest basketball cards on eBay.
The 07/08 UD Black Rookie Autographs have a nice look to them, and are a cheaper alternative to the Exquisite RC's.  The seller of this 07/08 UD Black Kevin Durant RC previously had the card for sale for $950.00.  It's serial numbered 2/99 - and for what it's worth - Durant was selected #2 overall in the 2007 NBA Draft.

Expectations will be elevated for Durant in 2010/11 and at the very least, fans and collectors will expect a return trip to the playoffs.  The NBA Western Conference appears to be weaker and the Thunder shape up to be one of the better teams if Durant continues to impress.  He will also be one of the top picks in fantasy basketball leagues which will help improve his stature amongst fans of the game. While I don't expect the price for this UD Black Durant RC to reach the sellers previous asking price of $950.00, it will command a decent sum.

Watchers: 99 (Most Watched Basketball Card)
Current Price: $200.00
Auction Ends: July 25
Final Price: $373.99


  1. It will surely go a long way. Hope he can join the Fantasy Basketball League so that all his hard works will be paid off.

  2. I just sold an exquisite box to a 19 old kid yesterday and I'll be damned if he didn't pull #3 of 3 of the Michael Jordan/Tiger Woods Auto Jersey card!!!

    I have pics to prove the sale...but not sure how to share them on here!? :/

    This is the 2nd known finding of this 3 card set! ONLY ONE LEFT! :D

  3. Hi David,

    Just post a picture on your website/photobucket, or send me a picture to thesportscardreport@gmail.com
    and I will put it up on the site. Great pull! If I was 19 I would sell it - what's he going to do with it?