Monday, October 18, 2010

2001 Bowman Chrome Cody Ross Gold Refractor /99

October is a special time for card collectors because it seems like every year a player who nobody was buying becomes hobby relevant. San Francisco Giants outfielder Cody Ross has got collectors everywhere digging through old boxes of junk to see if they have a nice Cody Ross card to put up on eBay. There aren't a whole lot of 2001 Cody Ross Rookie Cards, but his Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor, serial numbered #/99, is the rookie that will fetch the most at auction.

I am a long time Giants fan and couldn't be happier for Cody and I hope he continues to hit homeruns every night because the Phillies have got a stacked lineup with some great pitching as well. I would imagine Ross won't see an inside fastball for quite sometime because all 3 of his HR's were middle-in fastballs at the edge of the plate. As far as his trading cards go, this is a great time to sell anything and everything Cody Ross. Put together a nice lot with any and all cards you can find. If you do happen to have some of his 2001 rookies, or a modern autograph or game used card, this would be the time to part ways with it. Chances are, you can always buy it back next season at a steep discount. Ross is not considered a prospect, but will probably earn a starting job somewhere, possibly with the Giants, because of his stellar play thus far in the 2010 MLB Playoffs.

This 2001 Bowman Chrome Cody Ross Gold Refractor Rookie is serial numbered #99. To put the price in perspective, in September 2010, a Troy Tulowitzki 2005 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor, serial numbered #/50 sold for $306.00. I think most everyone would agree that Tulowitzki is the far better player in the long term, and possibly might be a Hall-of-Fame type talent. If this Ross card even approaches $100.00 that is a great win for the seller.

2001 Bowman Chrome Cody Ross RC Gold Refractor 47/99
Watchers: 20
Current Price: $32.50
Final Price: $44.00
Auction Ends: October 19

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