Friday, October 15, 2010

2007/08 Kevin Durant Rookie Patch Autograph Hot Prospects

Usually, even the most popular players in the NBA have 'haters' who will take every opportunity to bash that player to anyone and everyone who has an ear. LeBron James has his fair share of detractors, especially after the wild free agent summer of 2010. The games best player, Kobe Bryant, keeps proving his doubters wrong year after year and is just one short of Michael Jordan's six championship rings. You can bet there are Kobe haters everywhere who would give anything to make sure Kobe doesn't match, or even pass Jordan in Championships. One thing I have noticed though, is the lack of 'haters' Kevin Durant has, everyone seems to love this guy. His popularity and the value of his 2007/08 rookie cards have steadily climbed in 2010 after he led the Oklahoma City Thunder to the first round of the NBA playoffs. He is a front runner to win the 2010/11 NBA MVP award if he can best his performance from 09/10.

There was a lull, maybe from late 2008 through the 2009 season, where prices were really soft for 07/08 rookies and boxes because #1 overall pick Greg Oden was continuously hurt and while Durant played well in Seattle, the fan base was dwindling.  Eventually, the Sonics were forced to move to Oklahoma City because of a horrid lease they had signed with the arena in Seattle. Once the fan base got rolling in Oklahoma, the love for Durant started to trickle out to the rest of country. Last season was a breakout year for Durant and collectors who waited patiently were rewarded by a boost in the value of his rookie cards.

2007-08 Kevin Durant Hot Prospects Auto Jersey RC /399
Watchers: 54
Current Price: $168.50
Final Price: $255.00
Auction Ends: October 17

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