Monday, October 18, 2010

2007/08 UD Chronology Kevin Durant Patch Auto /35

Kevin Durant has the hottest Basketball cards on the market right now. Consistently over the past couple months his cards have reigned supreme as the most watched Basketball trading cards. Currently the most watched card on eBay is this 2007/08 Upper Deck Chronology 'Stitches in Time' Patch Autograph, serial numbered 25/35. On October 17th a 07/08 UD Hot Prospects Rookie Patch Auto sold for $255.00 and that card was also one of the top Basketball cards on eBay.
The Chronology card is not a 'true' rookie card of Durant, but the card was made during his rookie season of 07/08. Other names from the 30 card Stitches in Time insert set are: Chris Mullin, George Gervin, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Walt Frazier.  Parallels of the cards exist and are serial numbered to 25, 15, 5 and 1.

The seller of the card, cmeloman15 notes, "this guy (Durant) is further along than both Kobe and Lebron at this stage in his career."  While that point is debatable, I will say that players like Kobe and Michael Jordan have/had a desire to win that is found in just a small fraction of the elite players. For every Kobe and Jordan, we've seen guys like Tracy McGrady, Steve Francis and Vince Carter fail to ever have the competitive drive that is necessary to win in the NBA and remain a longtime hobby mainstay. It remains to be seen if Durant has that 'killer instinct'.

2007-08 UD Chronology Auto Patch Kevin Durant RC 25/35
Watchers: 100 (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $375.00
Final Price: $654.00
Auction Ends: October 19

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