Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2009 UD Mystery Cuts Tom Cheney BBQ Autograph

This auction is truly bizarre. I mean it really, really is. Sound like a collector was upset with Upper Deck for taking 18 months to ship him - what was - a 2009 Upper Deck Mystery Cuts Autograph of former baseball player Tom Cheney.  The seller of the card was so upset at the wait that he, yes, barbecued it with his own special sauce and now has the card up for auction. Even more shocking, it's currently the most watched baseball card on eBay and has several days left to go.

I'm at a lost for words on this one, so here is the description straight from the seller: "After 18 months of waiting for this redemption card, the anticipation is finally ameliorated! Up for auction is one slightly tasty and cooked to "Rare" Tom Cheney ownage card directly from Upper Deck, the company that cares so little for its customers. With all the payouts to players associations and dubious reproductions on childrens cards, one would wonder, is that you Bernie Madoff running this racket?"

The seller goes onto describe the BBQ process: "This is a redneck riviera BBQ sauce from my old mans recipe. It's made slow (like UD shipping), is hot (like stolen childrens card copyrights), and will probably make you sick (like McWilliam) if you have too much. I'd like to state for the record there will be no pickle accompanying this card."

To add a personal touch, the seller will even autograph the brush he used to marinate the card with. I couldn't make this up if I tried: "I may have to include the marinade brush to verify the brush strokes on the rarefied card. I will autograph the brush at winners request. Henceforth, it shall be known as "The Brush of Ownage".

2009 UD Mystery Cuts TOM CHENEY 74/74 Barbecued BBQ
Watchers: 98 (Most Watched Baseball Card)
Current Price: $13.50
Final Price: $15.50
Auction Ends: November 1

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