Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010/11 Panini Prestige DeMarcus Cousins Rookie Autograph /249

NBA Basketball cards from Panini have already hit hobby shops and the debut set, 2010/11 Prestige, has gotten some love from collectors on eBay during the first week of sales. Wizards #1 overall pick John Wall and Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins are the two rookies getting the most attention so far.
It's been many years since the Kings were a competitive team in the Western Conference but the organization remains hopeful that the pairing of Cousins and 2009/10 NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans will bring back the glory days in Sacramento. Cousins played well in the NBA Summer League but will have to keep his large body in shape to be a force in the NBA. The NCAA College Basketball season is only 30+ games long while the NBA is 82, plus any additional playoff games. There are some NBA writers and experts that wonder if Cousins has the motivation and drive to be a superstar in the league.

The early pricing for the new NBA rookies is always interesting to monitor and will fluctuate drastically as more sets are released and the players eventually hit the hardwood. Tyreke Evans and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry were the two top sellers from the 2009/10 freshman class which proves that rookies from small market teams can still get respect in the hobby. If there are any sleeper NBA rookies that you like heading into the 10/11 season then you might want to check the prices of their Prestige rookie now to get an idea how much they are selling for before games are even played.

10/11 Prestige Auto DeMarcus Cousins 246/249
Watchers: 48
Current Price: 46.99
Final Price: $72.00
Auction Ends: October 8th

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