Friday, November 12, 2010

Buy Low? Jason Thompson Rookie Cards

I remember watching Kings PF Jason Thompson back in the 2008 NBA Summer League and was impressed with his effort and skills. He had a good couple years statistically his first two seasons in the league but has gotten himself into the doghouse in Sacramento this year, and rumors of him being shopped around are circulating.  When guys get put into the doghouse, this is the time to buy cards, at extreme discounts, and Thompson is no exception as the value of his 08/09 Rookie Cards have plummeted.

Shipped to your door for $4.24 would get you this 2008/09 SPx Autograph Jersey Rookie of Thompson off eBay. That's bargain basement. For less than $20 you could put together a 3 or 4 card collection that could pay off if he ever gets around to getting solid playing time again.

These are the types of players you need to look at if you are into prospecting Basketball cards for profit. Here is a guy who has skills, has put up numbers his first two years, and now has fallen out of favor in Sacramento. Not sure what the deal is, perhaps it's a work ethic thing, we'll see how it all plays out and if Thompson gets shipped out of town. He will get another opportunity along the line, and that will be the time to sell.

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  1. Yeah... I noticed that his ppg has dropped off quite a bit... wonder where he'll land if he does get traded. I'm sure he'll get more exposure too... wherever he ends up going.