Monday, December 6, 2010

97/98 Kobe Bryant Precious Metal Red Fleer Skybox

There was a bit of controversy surrounding a 97/98 Fleer Skybox Kobe Bryant Precious Metal Green that was the most watched card last week on eBay. The picture of the card had a blacked out serial number and was also the same picture of a card being featured in another auction.  It ended up selling for over $5,000.00. This 97/98 Kobe Bryant Precious Metal Gems cards, with the red front, I would bet a lot of money is legit because the seller has over 21,000 positive transactions on eBay.
These were some of the first Basketball cards to feature serial numbering and to top it off, the set was mass produced making finding one of these cards out of a pack extremely difficult. The Kobe Bryant cards, along with the Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan RC's are the most popular cards to come out of the 1997/98 Fleer Metal set.  Here are some past sales of Precious Metal 'Gem' Cards:
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Hakeem Olajuwon 'Green' - $694.00
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Dennis Rodman 'Red' - $610.91
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Steve Nash 'Red' - $432.00
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Karl Malone 'Red' - $255.32
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Reggie Miller 'Red' - $249.50
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Clyde Drexler 'Red' - $247.50
  • 97/98 Precious Metal Gems Toni Kukoc 'Red' - $247.50
Watchers: 162 (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $1,225.00
Final Price: $1,580.00
Auction Ends: December 8


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  2. Precious Metal Gems, or PMG, parallels are easily distinguished from the base cards due to the colorful foil and serial numbering. The entire print run for each player is 100 cards, but that total is split between two different versions.