Monday, May 7, 2012

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects Bryce Harper Superfractor

The holy grail of Bryce Harper cards is back on eBay - this time with no reserve and Harper tearing it up in his first couple weeks in the big leagues. The Superfractor 1/1 card found in 2011 Bowman Baseball is by far one of his top cards available on the market. The card has been graded by Beckett Grading Services (BGS) and received a 9.5. The sub grades are: Centering 9, Corners 9.5, Edges 10, Surface 9.5.
How much is this card worth? You can take a look back at the 2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg card to get an idea. That card sold for $16,403.00 on May 10, 2010 and had an astounding 10,000+ watchers on eBay. Anything over 250 watchers on eBay for a sports card is really good. The buyer of the card later sold it to Leaf/Razor for 21,403 about a month after he originally purchased it. Both of the cards received a 9.5 grade by BGS.  Harper is unquestionably talented and could be an all-time great. But it remains to be seen how his career will play out. This card was originally listed for sale before Harper came up to the big leagues for $25,000, but by a different seller: calinick21. Expect the price to come in shy of that.

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects BCP1 Superfractor
Watchers: 355 (Most Watched Card on eBay)
Final Price: ????
Seller: vintageadsrus


  1. How Rare is this Card?

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