Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012 Heritage Minor League Baseball

2012 Heritage Minor League Baseball is a set that can be overlooked.  It's all minor league players so that eliminates a segment of the market that only cares about Jeter, Pujols and Posey. The autographs in 2012 Heritage Minor League are all sticker applied which hampers what their value could become. But it's a great set for people who love to see the young prospect kids on cardboard and also, above all else, it's great for autograph hounds at spring training, the Arizona Fall League and the minor league parks themselves to get in person autographs of the prospects in the set.
Some of the key players in the set include: Billy Hamilton, Dylan Bundy, Manny Machado and many more. A total of 225 in the base + sp set (200 base cards 25 sp cards). Hobby box breakdown is 24 Packs Per Box and 9 cards per pack. 2 autograph cards and 1 relic per hobby box. Personally, I wouldn't open a box of this but will be in the market for single cards of Hamilton, Michael Choice, A.J. Kirby Jones, A.J. Cole and several other players that I have seen in person.

Much like the regular version of 2012 Heritage Baseball, the set includes 25 color swap variations of cards in the base set. Check this guide for pictures of the cards and how to determine if you have a Heritage Sp Card.

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